Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hugo's reaction to JADRANKA'S CHIMERA :)

On 5/13/07, Hugo (e-mail known to me) wrote:

hi blogging jade,

1st reaction: not knowing what to do with yourself..... what a shame/ pity/ waste, etc. to find yourself in that position?! what do you miss/ need...!?
2nd: why that tibet animal?? is sponsoring or so??
3rd: why is the labyrinth so central?? where are you?? where is 'you' ?
so far no 8 visiting your blog....

anyway: I will never understand the need/necessity to put oneself so in the cyberspace... what is the extra it (hopefully) provides?
walking plants: I would feel some relief and emptiness... and then the neighbours would complain and bring them back.
cutting: civilisation has not only at the basis some need for cutting, but also needs regularly repetition as human wants are growing too wildly...??
reading priorities: no question at all/ ever: reading and drinking coffee are the utmost necessities in life.... even above a woman? (oei) and garden etc is just a fancy extra
(western luxury hobby) and never necessity;
as long as I can take a walk outdoors, go on holiday and enjoy some green/flowering scenery and otherways I have the city parks etc.. sorry for this blasphemy.
enjoying the embrace...with smiling return, hugo

my reply:

Ha, my dear too serious Hugo,

aren't you taking all the things a bit too seriously? :)
Try to enter in Homo Ludens role more's fun;)
The Homo Ludens Andiniensis is already existing in you...:)...and it's fun :)
My blogging is also fun :)
I am constant Homo Ludens (as well as a gardener) :)

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
is a famous song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David...and has a long history (1962), first recorded by R&B singer Tommy Hunt...and later on by Dusty Springfield (1964), Dionne Warwick (1966), Elvis Costello and The Attractions (1978), Demis Roussos (1978), The Photos, featuring Wendy Wu (1980) Linda Ronstadt (1994) and and Steve Tyrell (2003)
A 2002 release of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles...
Also in 2002, the soundtrack to My Best Friend's Wedding included a version by Nicky Holland. In the film, Cameron Diaz sings the song in a karaoke scene. In 2003, it was released as a single by The White Stripes The video for the White Stripes version is a black and white video featuring Kate Moss pole dancing erotically and was directed by Sofia Coppola.
In 2006, the song was performed and included in the soundtrack for Shout! The Mod Musical.

Tibetan animal...
appeared accidentally in my "mind labyrinth" in the connection with the beautiful shawl I have found on the ground a few rainy days ago...The shawl is definitely not shahtoosh (directly related with the "Tibetan animal" named chiru ( Pantholops hodgsonii), an extremely endangered animal.
I included them in my blog because I want more people to know the truth about Tibetan Antelope, and I will eventually succeed if I have the traffic (can happen sometimes with the new blogs on the Internet, depending on a lot of things...but it is "all Greek to you"). The campaign for the protection of the chiru is not sponsoring my blog.
Hopefully, I can earn some money through the Google Ads (if the people visiting my blog click on the Google ads placed on my blog, I get paid small amount of money)

accidentally it popped up in my mind, because it reminded me of surfing on the Internet: you can get lost easily or you can find your way if you know how and where to go...and having a nice graphic sign and also being connected with a garden maze, for me, the constant gardener, it was very attractive :)
Being in the Cyberspace for me is fun :), and also creating my habitat there is fun too :)
And...there are some blogs making some serious money:

Dave and Thomas Present: Daily Time Killers and Links!
Personal Development for Smart People

walking plants...
why would the neighbours complain about your run-away plants? They will adopt them, care about them, love them, talk to them and water them regularly and the plants will be content and grateful and would resolutely reject to come back to you :)..and you will drink your priority coffee and read your priority newspapers in your empty, deserted garden! Ha!

as a social psychologist, you are sort of the social gardener! Your task is to cut dry social branches and get rid of the social weed and support positive flowering trands...regularly. The same pattern you have to apply to your own garden :) and experience Epicurean Gardening Bliss.

"And the most exquisite delights of sense are pursued, in the contrivance and plantation of gardens; which, with fruits, flowers, shades, fountains, and the music of birds that frequent such happy places, seem to furnish all the pleasures of the several senses, and with the greatest, or at least the most natural perfections" by Sir William Temple (Upon the Gardens of Epicurus)

I am loosing myself in the labyrinth of my hectic female mind!!! Have to come back to the reality and go outside and try to find and persuade Spot (rode Persianische langharage kater) to come back home...he is desperately in love and was out all night long for the first time in his cat's life.

"The first cut is the deepest" :) (Cat Stevens) but also Rod Stewart or Sheryl Crow.

Epicurean embrace&kiss