Monday, May 14, 2007

New mail...

Hi my dear densely question marked Hugo,

have you noticed how inspiring and influential our mail stream is? :)
I've used our last mail (your reaction on my blog and my answer to you) to link almost all postings.
Thank you for inspiring me :)
I am never taking anything too seriously...although sometimes it would be recommendable, so I am always open for learning about everything.

So, according to the quantity of "wonders" and question marks,when visiting the Cyberspace, you do feel a bit like Alice in the Wonderland, but see no fun at all...

Blog is the place when you can openly expose and share your interests, ideas, ask questions,get the answers and reactions, be artistic, write, compose, write your diary...Same as in the material world, but just using the different media.

By rejecting to understand the Cyber world, you can not deny it's existence.

Real persons are behind the computer screens, leaving the portions of their energy for other persons capable of understanding them. Aren't we exchanging our mails daily? I am very real person and you know it.
But, I have fun in the Real World as well as in the Cyber Space and also in Outer Space, on several Planets I am falling from occasionally, and I have fun in the number of Parallel Worlds I do exist simultaneously...all this reached just by following my hectic mind labyrinth, no magic mushrooms needed or the White Rabbit to be followed :)
You just have to accept the existence of the real world and cyberspace. Ask Sander about his opinion about blogging as a trend :)

I am going to give my humble tribute to Huizinga, and play Chicken Invaders!
Save the solar system from invading chickens! Just when you thought it was safe to eat chicken again, the chickens have returned with an organized invasion to take over the entire solar system! Journey to each planet and fight your way through to save the world (again)! Advance through waves of invading chickens, avoiding falling eggs and collecting power-ups to boost your spaceship's firepower.
I have to save the world (again)!

smiling kiss and breath taking embrace

ha cyber-touched jade,
quite some reactions...! again asking for many interesting questions/ questions marks, as always arising from confrontation with ' what seems to be nowadays normal life'..
yes, the mailstream is inspiring but for me also regularly confusing.
- I notice that the 'nature' of my lines sometimes is not clear (enough) not easy to express the right nuances as in normal contact. for instance, I hardly can express the important differences between joking, teasing, playing, elaborating and meaning something... and therefore some (slight) misunderstanding is often influencing, resp. too many times/ too much of my expressions seem to be critical remarks..(point 1 in which cyberspace is and will never be real enough in contact).
- cyberspace is most certainly not a ' wonderland' offers no magic, no deeper questions, no surprises, no wondering...therefore it is more like a desert with some boring dusty villages (point 2 why cyberspace is never challenging enough in contact).
- blogs & personal websites are nothing else than ego-presentations that always and only offer the - mostly exaggerated-' nice' aspects of people and therefore it is not more than a dreary human-surface spectacle that has not much to do with the reality of the real persons ' hiding' behind it.
also in our mail that was the question at the beginning: only after ' real' contact you and I could become more real....(and even then point 1 still interfering regularly), so ' real persons behind the pc' does not say anything at all...
'some form' of contact is posible and that is nice - certainly between persons that are familiar with eachother- but for the rest... they can never be as real as in reality and that's (also?!) why they are behind the pc?!. that's clearly shown in the wildgrow fiction of second life for instance! + persons that ' openly expose' are mostly quite doubtfull beings in a doubtfull existence, showing that in a very shadowy way.. I can't see how that could enrich me in any way..
I do know all functions of the web, but also youngsters (like sander & friends) had own websites and blogs etc. but hooked off from the ' weirdoe overflow' as they call it' + the number of such ego-sites is becoming that big that nobody is reacting anymore?....nowadays only using friends-chat and - like me- finding reliable data or download/buy something. (point 3 why cyberspace is never real enough for finding the real-good contacts or get engaged in the much more important real suble-covert sides of real persons).
so, all together: I do not ' reject' the web at all! but do not see any ' fun' in it that is reaching or enriching me - the same with about 90% of daily dutch/amsterdam world 'functions' around me, so only use it for simple and relevant uses and ignore the rest as good as possible..... still have not made clear what & where the ' fun' is...sorry, but for instance that chicken game (the chicken-form is delusively nice, but the core is allways about fighting priming and always with that hell-horrible music!) is giving me shivers in my fun at all for me.
another angle: so, the scepticism about cyberspace just corresponds with my scepticism about western society/massculture... that's why I do not feel completely at ease here...too much of such horrors in daily life which is regarded as ' normal'... basicly mirrored in the realisation that I often/ for bigger part feel more at home in odessa than in amsterdam...?! (although the western horror is also entering/ distorting life overthere of course)..
not knowing what is meant with ' fun'..? ha....resp. never been tricked in wanting a ' fun' life..??...that surface? of life has not much/ nothing to offer me..?
but then what about that I really do enjoy life and (small) elements of the world in which I live...
while trying to stay away from capitalistic-massculture addiction/ exploitation...? ha, always the rebell with a cause for ever.
this time a quickly-typed though real meant reaction as it is an interesting subject, with -when explicit formulated with then slight ironic smile.
the garden is waiting for a cut again and I have to start thinking how to react to milica and have to remember sander's birthday tomorrow and give a mail info to rita in moldavia....
relaxed but now pressured embrace and rebellious kiss, hugo

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