Monday, May 14, 2007

Spot, very special Persian cat...

persian cat

Spot is back!
His spring love madness made us mad! He has obviously to make up for not being active in February (we were still in the flat in Leiden, no garden), or is it influence of the global warming on Spot's love life?
Anyhow, he was missing for 24h for the first time in his 6 years long life, so it was pretty alarming, specially because he was a new face in his Voorschoten habitat and not familiar nor with the area nor with the local cats...
In the beginning of his freedom he was very moderate in his excursions, exploring just in the vicinity of our garden. He gained our confidence and was allowed to stroll around, got to know Krpko, old experienced cat with some teeth missing, had a fight with him several times...He was gaining his position in the new neighborhood, but he was gaining scratches and wounds too. He was loosing his hairs and weight (the second was desirable, the first was not flattering his usually neat and handsome impressive Persian ginger tom-cat appearance). He was more dandy city cat but he was resolute in his attempts to become a really tough outdoor Ninja cat.
He would stay outside longer and longer, driving Stella crazy (she can not sleep if he is not safely at home) and he even managed to fell in the water and appear completely wet and muddy, coughing and sneezing with style. Quite frightening and dramatic. He was stranded for some time, but the nature is nature, so we decided to open cat-door and to grant him all the freedom!
Some three days ago he has suddenly entered in Casanova role "wearing" terrible "love perfume" and appearing at home just to nibble something and disappear again!

The climax of his newly found freedom (and our anxiety) was when he was missing for more than 24h! We alarmed our first neighbors and received the information that Spot was spotted not far away from our house, chasing pussies, of course! We also tried to spot Spot (it was very late in the night), but spotted just his hairy unique tail just long enough to conclude that it was 100% his tail, because he disappeared in somebody’s garden not reacting at all on our calls…For Spot love was really deafening and blinding! We even tried to use his best friend rottweiler Xing as a bate (a bit later), but without any results. We gave up and decided to let him do whatever he wanted (as if we had any other choice!).

He has appeared the next day, completely exhausted, dirty, smelly, hungry but satisfied!!!

After eating, Spot has fallen in narcoleptic sleep which lasted hours and hours…

He has accomplished his love mission and now we expect to see some ginger long haired kittens in the near future running around in our neighborhood.


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